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An Athletes Survival
No matter what sport you compete in, the game is changing.  Today expectations are higher and the competition is more intense.  The demand for each athlete to succeed is greater than ever.  Season after season, athletes are arriving to tryouts bigger, stronger, and faster than the year before.  The game has changed and it’s no longer just about having fun, it’s about winning.  For an athlete, the goal is to make it to the next level, while coaches work hard helping the athletes develop the skills necessary to take them there.  The “off-season” used to be a time for laziness, relaxation, and free time with friends, family, or alone.  What was once a 2 -3 month break is now just a few weeks and it’s back to the grind, looking to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competition.

So why would someone push themselves so hard? (A question asked by many non-athletes.)  True athletes will tell you, it’s not about the money, the publicity, or the fame.  It’s about the LOVE! The love they have for the game. The heart and passion to do whatever it takes to make it!  To go that extra mile and work harder than your opponent.  That is why athletes push themselves. Remember, its not going to be easy, so make sure you are ready for it and don’t get left behind.

JD Strength Performance is a formulated system of training which focuses specifically on the sport performance enhancement. It addresses each aspect of a high intensity, fast paced sport, at the same time offering noticeable in game improvements. Our program will increase both muscular and cardiovascular endurance while improving flexibility and increasing overall strength, thus decreasing recovery time.

JD Strength Performance will focus on a cycle of preseason, regular season, and off-season workouts.

Preseason: The final month prior to try-outs where training intensity is increased and focused mostly on speed and endurance. Looking to develop mid-season conditioning for day 1 with your new coach!

Regular Season: This is when maintenance of all the hard work from the Off-season and Preseason is applied. Active recovery and injury prevention is also addressed.

Off-Season: The 3-4 months prior to tryouts where strength is increased, size is gained, speed/agility is enhanced and overall conditioning is improved.

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At JD Strength Performance we work hard to deliver the best workout experience possible. We value our athletes and their opinions. If there is anything you feel may benefit JD Strength Performance, please contact us.

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