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JD Strength Performance starts each workout session with a dynamic warm-up which elevates the heart rate, loosens muscles and joints and has proven to reduce injury.  After each athlete has has jump started the blood flow, the team will participate in one of three sport specific/game relative training cycles.  Each of the three training cycles are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the athletes three seasons. (Preseason, Regular Season, Off-Season)


To ensure proper cool down and muscle recovery, each athlete must go through the partner stretching routine. The stretching routine must be completed before the athlete is dismissed from their workout


JD Strength Performance knows that it takes more than just a great workout to create a great athlete. The proper nutrition plays a large part in providing the athlete with the energy to perform both on and off the field.  For this reason, JD Strength Performance provides each athlete with a nutritional handout providing suggested guidelines on proper eating habits used by “Elite Level Athletes”.

Assessing The Athlete

No two athletes are alike. There a various degrees of athletic skill within each person. It is our job to assess each athlete individually. JD Strength Performance will perform a series of three tests throughout the athletes training. On the first day of training, athletes are subjected to a pretest which provides our staff with a baseline for training.  Athletes will participate in a sport specific (e.g. NHL Draft Combine) style pretest. This provides the athlete with an indication on how they measure up to the most recent professional draft class.  For our youth athletes, a more simple and modified pretest will be performed.  After the first eight training sessions, JD Strength Performance will administer its second test to measure the improvements of each athlete. At the conclusion of our program, we will administer our final test. This will be conducted prior to any post season play.

Training Outline (One Week)

Warm-up: Conducted using an agility ladder, a dynamic warm-up will be performed by each athlete.  This warm-up ensures proper loosening of the muscles in preparation for the workout to follow.  At this time, the team is split into two groups for our next segment of training.

Cylcle 1: This cycle consists of a Resistance Training/Muscular Endurance Circuit.  All  moments of exercise and rest within the cycle have a specific duration. Each athlete will be directed to a marked machine or exercise. The exercise will be performed at a controlled pace. This is followed by rest period as the move on to their next challenge. The cycle continues until all athletes have performed each exercise two or three times.

Cycle 2: Plyometric Agility is the focus at this cycle.  JD Strength Performance has a series of varying number combinations that constantly throw fast-twitch muscle fibers into a frenzy, challenging the athletes to move in “game time” directions repeatedly, and improve change in multi-directional movement.

Cycle 3: Foot Speed & Explosive Power are the targets during this workout. JD Strength Performance once again has designed a series of foot patterns to be performed on plyometric boxes.  The box jumps, along with explosive jumps and hurdle exercises, will improve any athletes’ initial first 3-5 steps and reaction time during competition.

Cool Down: At the conclusion of cycle 3, the coaches of JD Strength Performance will demonstrate, instruct, and supervise the entire team as they complete their partner Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching routine.  This will conclude each 60-75 minute training session.

“Why should my team train with JD Strength Performance?”

Athletes in amateur sports are improving each season.  This season, teams are going to be bigger, faster, and stronger than last season, but will be considered slower, weaker, and smaller than the following season.  The level of competition is constantly increasing and the demand to produce a winning program is growing.  By investing in JD Strength Performance, you can help make sure your teams and your program are keeping up with the never ending demands of amateur sports.  You also can be confident that your players are learning the proper and safe way to train in preparation for each practice, game, tournament, and season.  JD Strength Performance will also be able to give another important aspect back to your program, practice time.  Practice Time is very valuable for a team and by conditioning with JD Strength Performance, you will gain 20-30 minutes of practice back each week.  Instead of using up time on suicides, 60 second drills, and ladders, each coach can efficiently manage the extra time by fine tuning their formations, systems, or team philosophies.  Finally, the quality of our coaches is second to none.  We don’t believe in “In House Training” and any one who works for JD Strength Performance must bring a highly motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced attitude.

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At JD Strength Performance we work hard to deliver the best workout experience possible. We value our athletes and their opinions. If there is anything you feel may benefit JD Strength Performance, please contact us.

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